Assignment 2: Collecting- Post submission reflection

So…first video tutorial following my submission of Assignment 2, “Collecting”, and I’m pleased that my tutor thinks there’s potential for submission if I continue to apply myself. Her feedback has signposted a few things to build upon, and perhaps most importantly she’s challenged me to get out of my comfort zone….!  (I think its a fair assessment in truth).

Narrative is important to me, and the ‘collecting’ of landscapes bearing the scars and evidence of human activity was what underpinned my final selection, but with more reflection I recognise that some of the images selected for inclusion have been ‘safe’, and perhaps my choice has been influenced by an over attachment to a photograph. The church at Idsworth (below) is a good example.

Idsworth. John Callaway [2016] f9.0: 19mm focal length (35mm equivalent @28mm): ISO 200

Idsworth. John Callaway [2016] f9.0: 19mm focal length (35mm equivalent @28mm): ISO 200

With hindsight, its probable that I was always going to include the image, or at the very least struggle to find a good reason to exclude it. I planned to go and photograph the church, and having done so, well I was going to make it fit. Don’t get me wrong…I like the photo….but, as my tutor said, some of  (my) ‘images are currently too quiet and simply a document’.

And maybe that’s the next step on this journey…recognising that although the image might be balanced, well composed, and have subject matter that might be ‘interesting’, its not enough within the context of this course. I don’t believe that means that I have to explain and justify everything to the viewer, but I recognise the challenge of provoking a response that is more than ‘nice photograph’…

I was pleased that the image below was identified by my tutor as being one of the strongest images, in that it suggested unease, and prompted questions as to what the story was. The idea of margins has always appealed to me, and the blurring of boundaries between what is ‘man made’ and what is ‘natural’, was what I was trying to convey. But there are other layers to this photograph that don’t appear in the church photograph. What does the barbed wire signify? What is to be found amongst the reeds. Not exactly Heart of Darkness, but you get the idea.

Farlington Marshes. John Callaway [2016] f16: 1/200: 23mm focal length (35mm equivalent @ 34mm: ISO 250

Farlington Marshes. John Callaway [2016] f16: 1/200: 23mm focal length (35mm equivalent @ 34mm: ISO 250

And why black and white? Has it become something of a default setting for me? Quite possibly. I’m comfortable with black and white, and although on the face of it, I didn’t think that I shied away from colour, my portfolio over the years might tell me otherwise. Would this assignment have been ‘better’ in colour. I don’t  necessarily think so. Did I select influences and subject matter that would steer me down the black and white route? Quite possibly!

So…for the next assignment… “…work in the now, show me your technical skills and challenge the way that you think, by shooting in colour”

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