World Press Photo 2016

Lucky enough to be in Amsterdam over the weekend whilst World Press 2016 was being exhibited.

Bloody, visceral, anguished and often a signifier of mankind’s inhumanity and brutality. But within each image a shred of humanity-a story that should be told. There’s for sure a certain sense of being a voyeur, and in the past photojournalists have been accused of exploiting the misery of others.

“Three months before he killed himself, Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for a picture published on the front page of this paper: it showed an emaciated Sudanese toddler doubled over, as a vulture lurked behind her. Afterward, Carter was asked over and over, What became of the girl? He stammered through a variety of answers, failing to comprehend that while his picture, by awakening the world to a famine, may have saved many lives, he was being judged as a heartless opportunist for not rescuing the one life that he had put at the centre of attention”.

[“The Inner Lives of Wartime Photographers”: Bill Keller: New York Times 2011]