Project 2: Visual Skills: Exercise 1.2: “Point”

“There are essentially three classes of position (to place a single point): in the middle, a little off centre, and close to the edge”. [Photography 1: Expressing Your Vision P22]

So…the object of the exercise is to place a ‘single point’ in different parts of the frame- the ‘point’ being relatively small in relation to the frame as a whole. I’m sure the Rolling Stones might disagree, but with the majority of the frame being taken up by guitar amp, guitar and stand, the ‘point’ became a CD of one of their finest albums, “Sticky Fingers”.

Of the four pictures, the one that works best I feel is Image 3. Despite the CD being such a small part of the frame, the eye is drawn straight to it. The right hand side of the guitar appears to act as a pointer to something which may be significant at the back of the photograph, and to my eye at least there is a symmetry of sorts to the image.

I was striving for a similar effect with Image 1, but the gap between the edge of the guitar and the CD meant that there was no one ‘obvious’ direction to follow.

By lying the CD flat, as in Image 2, there didn’t seem to be any connection between various points, and I don’t think that the image worked at all.

Image 4 was little more than ‘product placement’.