Assignment 3. The decisive moment- a not so decisive idea…

Get out of your comfort zone, and use colour! One of the challenges issued to me for my next assignment.

I go to a fair number of gigs over the course of a year, and have tried to take photographs which capture something of the performance. I’m just your average punter with a Sigma 60mm f/2.8 DN prime lens which doesn’t look too obtrusive, and I don’t use flash, instead trying to use the stage lighting to best effect. This means that I need to get pretty close to the stage. I tend to convert to black and white, partly because I live in hope of coming close to what I think is the definitive rock image…Pennie Smith’s cover shot for “London Calling”, by the Clash, and partly because in my view, the colours used in stage lighting  tend to detract from the image.

So what I normally end up with is this….

The Damned @ Portsmouth Pyramids, December 1, 2016. (40th Anniversary Tour…and yes I did see them 39 years ago too!)

So, maybe there’s some value in turning the camera on the audience instead? Not sure whether these work , or indeed whether I’m going to pursue this further, but I came up with a few interesting shots, although quite honestly, I was more interested in watching the Damned, and its somewhat difficult to be in the middle of it, and keep any sort of focus…but I did leave everything in colour, and the only editing was to crop to 10×8 dimensions. Probably works as a tiled mosaic, and I’ve got a few more gigs in the pipeline before the next assignment is due, might be onto something… probably just need to go to gigs of bands I don’t like…!